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I recently weighed in on the problems in Darfur in the local fishwrap:

I found Nat Hentoff’s recent column on the crisis in Darfur particularly timely. As he points out, “the world was silent” when Polish Jews were murdered during the Kielce massacre, and now we’re silent as the Sudanese government (backing militia forces) renews its attack on Darfur’s people, even after signing a May 2006 cease-fire agreement.

Worse still, Congress continues to play politics with the issue, while the African Union, the only peacekeepers on the ground, prepares to pull out of the region this fall. Even though the existing forces have been too few in number to adequately curb the violence, and the death toll has continued to climb, the U.S. and the UN continue to sit complacently and watch.

Like Hentoff, I’d be surprised to find a candidate speaking out against our lack of intervention in past genocides or calling for new initiatives in handling these egregious acts of violence. All of which begs the question — when will we finally stand up and defend those who can’t defend themselves?

I would provide a bit of editorial, but that seems rather redundant, don’t you think?

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