Call for Falun Gong genocide

David Kilgour, the former Canadian Secretary of State for Asia and the Pacific, along with his collegue Edward McMillan-Scott, the vice-president of the European parliament, are calling on the United Nations to begin investigations into reports that China has been killing Falun Gong practitioners and harvesting their organs.

Mr Kilgour’s earlier investigation relied on the telephone interviews with the former wife of a surgeon who allegedly removed 2000 corneas in two years and testimony from the family of Falun Gong members who say they saw bodies of their loved ones riddled with holes.

He concedes the evidence is “circumstantial”, not least because the Chinese government refused him permission to travel to China.

As well as the testimony, he points to 41,500 transplants undertaken in China in the six years to 2005 where no source of the organs was identified and the high number of executions that take place in China.

Along with testimony that Falun Gong are being executed for their organs, comes testimony that they’re living in appalling conditions in forced labor camps, under the threat of being deported to remote north-west China.

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