Hitler resurfacing

A local restaurant is causing a huge stir in Mumbai. The problem stems from the owner’s choice of theme, namely Hitler. The restaurant, called Hitler’s Cross, is not only named after the former Nazi dictator, but it’s also decorated with him in mind:

Posters featuring a red swastika carved in the name of the eatery line the road leading up to the restaurant.

A huge portrait of a stern-looking Führer greets visitors at the door and the interior is done out in the Nazi colours of red, white and black. The restaurant also has a lounge for smoking the exotic Indian water pipe or “hookah.”

As if that weren’t weird enough, reports from the UK suggest that the “Hitler Beetle” is facing extinction because of its popularity among neo-Nazis.

The tiny, brown, eyeless beetle, Anophthalmus hitleri, was discovered in 1933 by Oscar Scheibel, a German amateur entomologist and ardent Hitler fan, and is found in only around 15 caves in central Slovenia. Initially shunned by entomologists as not being of any particular scientific interest, it has been sidelined by museums wary of exhibiting anything with such a close connection to Nazi Germany. Now though, the “Hitler beetle” is so sought-after by right-wing extremists that scientists are worried it could disappear altogether.

Not surprisingly, this is the only species of animal named after the Nazi dictator.

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