Rwandan teachers suspended

Following Rwanda’s recent report that a “genocide ideology” was permeating the public school system, the Minister of Education has suspended 50 teachers who may be responsible.

“According to official sources, the Minister of Education Jeanne d’Arc Mujawamariya last week suspended 50 or so head teachers, teachers and curriculum developers accused of facilitating the ‘ideology of genocide’ in their establishments,” Liprodhor indicated on its website.

Almost 15 years later, anti-Tutsi messages stemming from the education system were still being unearthed.

“Tutsis are snakes, we’re sick of them and we will kill them,” reads a copybook taken from Mataba secondary school in Province du Nord.

Even though the parliamentary committee was unsatisfied with Minister Mujawamariya’s explanation for the earlier report, they have yet to schedule a follow-up session on the 400 page document.

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