ICC investigates Darfur

Even though the US has long labeled the crisis in Darfur as genocide, the UN has been keeping the entire conflict at arms length. However, for the first time during the African country’s troubles, the United Nations Security Council has taken an unprecedented step forward and asked the International Criminal Court to investigate allegations of war crimes in Sudan.

The Sudanese Minister of Justice, Mohammed al-Mardi, took a firm stance on what he fears might unfold in his nation:

“If they are here to discuss the progress of trials or the role of national justice then we are ready to give them whatever information they are looking for. But if the matter is about investigations, then they….don’t have the jurisdiction.”

This is at least partially correct, as the ICC doesn’t have the authority to try people who have been properly processed in a national court. Human Rights Watch maintains that the Sudanese government established its own court to handle the Darfur crisis, but has only tried 13 minor cases to date.

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