Spanish court to try China

A law suit was opened this past Monday in a Spanish court “against several former Chinese officials” claiming human rights violations. The law suit was brought by a group called Committee to Support Tibet. According to The Independent:

In its lawsuit, the human rights group said that more than one million Tibetans had been killed or gone missing since China occupied Tibet in 1951.

Even while China has publically denounced the claims, the Spanish court is preparing to hear testimony to decide if they can proceed with charges, including genocide and crimes against humanity,

2 thoughts on “Spanish court to try China”

  1. Great idea for a blog. Your observation that “genocide seems to be a recurring theme in our history” seems to be a valid one. Yet, it is ussually treated as an aberration or a sidebar to the timeline of history; rather than the significant player it is. Keep up the good work. I will put you on my blog roll.

    In particular, regarding Tibet – I think the Dalai Lama better stop doing tours and return to Tibet ( I hear a collective gasp) and force the Chinese government’s hand because this fifty-five years of conscious raising is not getting it done. I know, easy for me to say. However, here is what his holiness needs to contemplate (gasps again and dropped cocktails on the floor) : perhaps the goal of life is not happiness but rather, standing up to evil.

    American companies are tripping over themselves to get into the Chinese marketplace. A million more dead Tibetans is not going to stop the push of globalization. Perhaps globalization is a covert form fo genocide because regional economies helps all peoples. Globalization helps none.

    (ps, to be errased: I believe pedigree is mispelled on your “about page”.)

    again, thank you…

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