Weapons enter Darfur camps

The UN is now reporting that the refugee camps in Darfur are seeing an influx of weapons.

Mr Holmes told the BBC that some of the 1.2 million refugees are impatient, politicised, and armed.

He said having thousands of disaffected men cooped up in camps in which weapons were available, was dangerous.

He believes the situation in the camps is bound to lead to clashes, and reflects the fact that there is no peace settlement in place for Darfur.

With Sudanese forces circling the camps the situation is potentially explosive.

Ironically, this is a rather expected outcome as the same thing happened in the refugee camps following Rwanda. Even though Holmes is speculating on outbreaks of violence between the refugees and Sudanese forces (a likely possibility), he failed to mention the similarly probable outcome of armed refugees splitting into rival gangs.

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