Sudan responsible for crimes

A United Nations human rights team has found the government of Sudan culpable in the deaths and violence that continues unabated in Darfur. The team, which was headed by Nobel laureate Jody Williams, called on the UN Security Council to make good on their threats to freeze funds, assets, and economic resources

So far, the international response had been “pathetic”, [Williams] said.

“There are so many hollow threats towards Khartoum, that if I were Khartoum I wouldn’t pay any attention either,” she said.

“It is more than a tragedy. It was after Rwanda that people said ‘never again’, and here we are again… and the world sits by.”

It was actually after the Holocaust that we first said “Never Again,” and yet we’ve had a non-ending parade of mass killings since, with no end in sight. In fact, the one thing that seems to be a universal constant in cases of genocide is a complete lack of response from the international community.

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