Neo-Nazi fears in Delmenhorst

The town of Delmenhorst in northern Germany is attempting the block the sale of a hotel amid neo-Nazi fears. The Wilhelm Tietjen Stiftung fuer Fertilisation Ltd. group has an offer on the building, and is reportedly interested in turning the hotel into a neo-Nazi convention center.

A website – – was set up in Delmenhorst earlier this week to raise the necessary funds.

By Thursday, 520,607 euros (£344,320) had been donated to buy the hotel and adjacent buildings.

Delmenhorst’s town spokesman Timo Frers told the BBC News website that the money was coming not only from local residents but also from across Germany and abroad.

“It was a crazy idea, but everybody thinks it might work. Everybody is optimistic,” he said.

An effort to raise enough money to counter the offer of the Tietjen Stiflung fuer Fertilisation group was proposed when the town realized that they were the only one who had an offer on the table.

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