Darfur experience

Darfur is Dying has a rather unique way to immerse people into the problems in the Sudan. It’s an interactive flash game, where you (the player) control a family and have to forage for water, grow food, and keep from getting killed by roving bands of militia and janjaweed.

One thought on “Darfur experience”

  1. We’re having an educational event on September 5, 2006 at 8pm in New York featuring Ruth Messinger (who just came back from Darfur) and others.

    If you’re keeping up with the news you know that there is a genocide going on in Darfur (Western Sudan). The conflict is between the Government and two rebel groups. It began in 2003 has generated one of the worst humanitarian and human rights crisis in the world today.

    If you’ve heard Ruth Messinger speak, you know she is an impressive speaker with a solid command of the issues. Contact us at DarfurNY@gmail.com for more information.

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